pygad.helper Module

This section of the PyGAD’s library documentation discusses the pygad.helper module.

Yet, this module has a submodule called unique that has a class named Unique with the following helper methods. Such methods help to check and fix duplicate values in the genes of a solution.

  • solve_duplicate_genes_randomly(): Solves the duplicates in a solution by randomly selecting new values for the duplicating genes.

  • solve_duplicate_genes_by_space(): Solves the duplicates in a solution by selecting values for the duplicating genes from the gene space

  • unique_int_gene_from_range(): Finds a unique integer value for the gene.

  • unique_genes_by_space(): Loops through all the duplicating genes to find unique values that from their gene spaces to solve the duplicates. For each duplicating gene, a call to the unique_gene_by_space() is made.

  • unique_gene_by_space(): Returns a unique gene value for a single gene based on its value space to solve the duplicates.